I'll be posting up here my webGL experiments



This is my first foray into WebGL. It uses no 3rd party libraries whatsoever. I do all of the tedious setting up code (all of it I learned and grabbed from the amazingly well done website webglfundamentals.com), draw a quad to the screen, and run my fragment shader on it to generate the colorful boxes. Huzzah! This is more of a "hello world" app for me, to get acquainted with WebGL as it is.



This is the first step on my path to making a 3D Game of Life in WebGL. Here I am using THREE.js. I included stats in this one, you will see there are a crap ton of vertices and polygons, but only one draw call! I am creating the mesh beforehand as a 3D array of cubes, then using vertex color alpha to drive the animation. Basically though this means iterating through every cube, ~every frame, and animating all of its verticies. Suffice to say, there's probably an easier/faster way to do this!